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Stay in Kotagiri

Things to Carry when you Stay in Kotagiri


Things to Carry when you Stay in Kotagiri

Stay in Kotagiri

Stay in Kotagiri hill station is confined with joyful experience in every path it leads. The best experience which bounces in our memories forever. Consequently this stores a reminder note “should visit again”, which ticks now and then. A Stay in Kotagiri hill station refreshes our soul and mind.

Likewise, it brings serenity to our mind for which our soul always craves for. As a result, at a Stay in Kotagiri one can enjoy the pleasant weather, pure water, fresh air, shopping and many more. It is almost, an unbelievable and the mesmerizing nature of the Indian hill stations always proves the saying “Incredible India”.

A Stay in Kotagiri is beautiful because of the clean air and the misty mountains. Probably, it is of slow pace hence a welcome change from the congested city life.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay in Kotagiri, here’s what you need to pack. Certainly, the checklist to Stay in Kotagiri must be planned thoughtfully.

Warm clothes:

Stay in KotagiriTo Stay in Kotagiri hill stations it is known for its cold climate. The most important is to pack warm clothes. Before visiting, make sure you check the temperature and select your clothing accordingly.

It can also be based on your needs or based on the clothing worn by the locals in the hill station.

Probably, a good knit cap and scarf will be a good choice to carry. If the temperature super cold, you can always carry thermals.


Stay in KotagiriShoes:

The next most important item to carry to Stay in Kotagiri is a pair of Warm Shoes. Shoes also protect you from the chilly weather.

Probably, thick shoes that are built to withstand the steep slopes. Comfortable sports shoes can be carried to trek.


Emergency food:

Stay in KotagiriCarry packets of dry snacks or fruits that you can eat when you Stay in Kotagiri. This food will be useful in case you are stuck on the mountain roads.

They may be a chance nearest restaurant unexpectedly closes before you can fill your tummy.

It certainly is handy if you are travelling with children who are constantly hungry.



Stay in Kotagiri


When you Stay in Kotagiri because of Cold climate it causes the skin to dry out.

You can carry Lip balms, body lotions and moisturizers to help regain the moisture.

Certainly, carry good sunscreen to reduce tanning and prevent skin cancer.



Stay in Kotagiri

When you Stay in Kotagiri, the weather is unpredictable. When you are out, you might get stuck in the rain or even hail.

For that reason, carry an umbrella to protect yourself at all times. It is a safe way to avoid getting wet in the rain or even catching a cold.


Stay in Kotagiri


Polarised sunglasses can help cut the haze and glare of the Sun. When you Stay in Kotagiri, the reflection of the sun can be harmful to your eyes.

This maybe leads to dizziness and headache.

If you are trekking or hill climbing, you need sunglasses that guarantees UV protection.


Stay in Kotagiri

To Stay in Kotagiri holiday is catching a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery.  Certainly, carry your camera/phone along with you.

This will turn the pristine beauty into a lifelong memory.

Above all charge the camera each day with a portable power bank.



Stay in Kotagiri


When you pack, one thing that easily gets overlooked is a flashlight. When you Stay in Kotagiri, it is prone to power cuts. Likewise, some of them don’t have street lights or have very dim ones.

If you are out after the sun sets, it is better to be safe than sorry. Always carry a flashlight. Certainly, all modern smartphones have a flashlight in them, but if your battery runs out.


Stay in Kotagiri

When you pack for a Stay in Kotagiri, a first-aid kit is important. With rocky slopes and cold temperatures, you have to extra-cautious with your health.

In case you are allergic to anything, carry the necessary antidote. On the way to the Stay in Kotagiri, you may have motion sickness take an anti-nausea pill before you get into a vehicle.

Above all, don’t forget to carry medication for altitude sickness.


These are the basic necessities that any avoid traveller would pack when planning a Stay in Kotagiri.


cottages in kotagiri

Budget Cottages in Kotagiri



cottages in kotagiri

If you are a type of person who likes to mingle with nature then Kotagiri is the place for you.  You can feel the tingle of the cool breeze, romance in the mountains and watch the tea leaves flutter by staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri.

Book our Budget cottages in Kotagiri to create breathtaking memories in this dream destination. The amazing trails will take you away from your busy urban life to the land of the simple and stress-free living. Being the most picturesque districts of South India, this region is a must visit the place of Nilgiris. You can enjoy every bit of it by staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri.

You can enjoy trekking between the tea estates. There will never be any dull moment when you are staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri. The rooms of our Budget cottages in Kotagiri have a breath-taking view of nature. The Budget cottages in Kotagiri have an in-house fully equipped kitchen to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Some best Places to visit in Kotagiri near

Budget cottages in Kotagiri.


Catherine Falls view from Dolphin’s Nose Catherine Falls is a double-cascaded waterfall located in Kotagiri, The Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu and it is also a major tourist spot in Kotagiri. During your stay in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can explore this magnificent place.

falls in kotagiri


The main activity of the park is to serve as a venue for several cultural events and indoor game activities. During the period from March to June, every year a flower show is organised inside the park which has been known to showcase a wide variety of uncommon flowers. The show showcases especially rare varieties of roses. When you stay at our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can enjoy the flower show.

places to visit in kotagiri


While staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can see the most popular Sims Park is a natural garden at Coonoor. Inside the park, there are some very pretty terraces with colourful flower beds, rockeries and lawns. From all around the world, there are some naturally occurring trees, shrubs, creepers and many unusual species of plants that have been cultivated here.

places to visit in kotagiri


Dolphin’s Nose is well over 1,550 Meter, above sea level, 10 km from Coonoor and is a spectacular spot to visit. The name comes from the shape which resembles the tip of the peak of a dolphin’s nose. The place is an enormous rock formation that is entirely unique. When you stay at our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can visit this place and enjoy the view of the serene nature.

places to visit in kotagiri


While staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can visit the Nilgiris Mountain Railway which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This train ride is indeed a special one! The Heritage train starts at Coonoor Railway station and goes all the way to Ooty Railway station. This train is driven by a YDM4 diesel locomotive by using conventional rail adhesion principles. The speed of the train is average and very suitable to enjoy the nature and climate of the hill stations. The entire ride is enjoyable by both kids and adults. When you stay at our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can take this ride.

budget cottages in kotagiri


The drive to Kodanad viewpoint from Budget cottages in Kotagiri itself most scenic, full of mist. It is 18 km from Kotagiri. A mode of Public transport is also available for every one hour from Kotagiri bus stand. During season time, the area is covered with mist and moving clouds. The view of the waterfalls is breathtaking. You can visit this place when you stay Budget cottages in Kotagiri. You can also get a closer look at it with the telescope installed over there. During your stay in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can explore this amazing place.

budget cottages in kotagiri


Lamb’s Rock is a very nice place to view from a high point. If you lucky to see Kurinji flower which blossoms gregariously only once in 12 years. A very scenic place to have awesome memorable photos. When you stay at our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can visit this place. You can really enjoy the walk smarts the stone path with the roots of Shola trees long the uphill and downhill paths. It’s amongst the forests with a good endpoint.

budget cottages in kotagiri


John Sullivan Memorial very interesting place with a lot of information. You can visit this place when you stay Budget cottages in Kotagiri. The John Sullivan memorial is set up in memory of Mr. John Sullivan. The caretaker is always ready to provide us detailed information about lifestyles of the tribal communities, and history of Nilgiris.

budget cottages in kotagiri


While staying in our Budget cottages in Kotagiri, you can visit Green shop is a retail outlet which is owned by Last Forest Enterprises. As the name Green Shop, it is an entirely nature-conscious. It is a socially oriented entity. The belief is that the spirit of the forest is about thriving yet sustaining balance. Last Forest, was registered in the year 2010, is a profit-hybrid institution. It provides marketing solutions to primary producer communities and groups that are working on forest and agriculture produce. The products are natural, wild and local. Our portfolio consists of varieties of honey, a range of beeswax products such as candles, soaps, and lip balms, millet, coffee, essential oils, spices, herbs, and many more. Do shop from here when you stay at our Budget cottages in Kotagiri.

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Come and Date nature at its pristine best by booking our Budget cottages in Kotagiri at Darpan Wooden Villa